We providing alterations, tailoring and couture services.
  • Mens Alterations

    -Suit alterations

    -Trouser alterations

    -Coat alterations

    -Jacket alterations

    -Shirt alterations

    -Jean Shortening

    -Coat/Jacket relining

    -Leather alterations and repairs

    -Zip replacement


  • Ladies Alterations

    -Dress alterations

    -Skirt alterations

    -Blouse alterations

    -Jacket alterations

    -Shirt alterations

    -Jean Shortening

    -Wedding dress alterations

    -Suede alterations and repairs

    -Fur Coat Alterations and repairs


  • Have A Garment Made

    -Bespoke Suits

    -Bespoke Shirts

    -Bespoke Trousers

    -Bespoke Overcoats

    -Bespoke Dresses

    -Bespoke Ladies Suits

    -Bespoke Skirts

    -Bespoke Blouse

    -Bespoke Coats


  • Have A Chinese Clothing Made

    -Zhongshan suit (Mao suit)

    -Cheongsam (Qipao)

    -Tangzhuang (Tang Suit)

    -Kungfu Suit

    -Tai chi suit



For us, there is a big distinction between "good" and "perfect".

Viichii Tailor in xi'an, China, Alterations,Tailoring made to measure and bespoke suits,Shirts,Trousers,Dress,Overcoats,Cheongsams,Mao suits...

+++ Alterations - Restyling and Repairing Services

We are Xi'an's foremost experts in Men's Garment Alterations, with over 15 years' experience. We are recognised for our meticulous attention to detail, reasonable prices and excellent customer service. As our senior tailors are Bespoke Suit makers , we are able to provide the highest quality alterations using traditional and perfected techniques unlike dry cleaners or other companies that use unqualified staff to perform alterations using unorthodox techniques that produce poor quality results. What sets us apart is our ability to work to a factory finish which means that any alterations we perform to your garment will be unnoticeable and untraceable; the original stitch pattern, thread colour and any detail will be matched perfectly.

+++ Gentlemen's Made to Measure and Bespoke Service

we provide a Luxury Made to Measure and Bespoke Garment Service utilising the finest cloths and workmanship you will find.We can make Made to Measure or Bespoke Suits both Two piece or Three piece, Tuxedos, Overcoats, Shirts, Trousers and Waistcoats.

+++ Made to Measure Chinese Clothing

Our exclusive Chinese Clothing made-to-measure service makes it possible to produce these luxury items in just 2 weeks, respecting the customer's size and desires whilst maintaining the superb standards of quality for which we are rightfully famous for. This service gives the customer a chance to choose the fabric, style and details that personalise a coat. We now offer the option to customise our iconic ‘Retro Chinese Clothing’ which has become a classic. Zhongshan suit (Mao suit),Cheongsam (Qipao),Tangzhuang (Tang Suit),Kungfu Suit,Tai chi suit,Today, worn in the country or city it lends its wearer a distinctive sartorial edge.

+++ Why choose us?

Our highly experienced and talented Shanghai trained Master Tailors will work on your garment for as long as it is required to make your garment perfect. We will focus on your needs and work with you on a one-to-one basis. This means that the same Master Tailor you see at your first fitting will attend to you during all your fittings, as well as work on your garment. As our Tailors have at least 20 years of experience, we can assure you that your garment will be in the best possible hands. This makes us the number one choice for anyone seeking the perfect fit.

+++ The Team

All of our team are qualified Master Tailors by trade. Despite being already qualified, the team have to undergo a rigorous Viichii Tailor training programme to demonstrate they perform work to our high standards. In addition, there is ongoing regular training to help the team master their skills.

+++ Costs

We believe in charging our customers fair and reasonable prices, therefore, we undertake regular research to ensure our rates are moderate. We appreciate that you would like to know in advance how much the costs are going to be but as garments can vary with regards to fabric, finishing, construction and detail we prefer that customers visit us so we can provide a free, accurate and no obligation quote. At your appointment we will provide you with a breakdown of costs so you have a clear understanding of what you are being charged for and do our best to make sure we quote within your budget. Our Fair and Reasonable Price policy means that our customers receive the best possible service and outstanding quality workmanship, without having to pay premium prices.

+++ Recent Events and Publications

Qin Kai, 2-time Olympic diving champion, invited Viichii Tailor to make a Bridesmaid dress alterations .


HOURS: Mon-Sun,10:00am-7:30pm

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Paid Parking Bays are available on Jiaoda Street.

ADDRESS: 808, College block 7, Landisicheng Community, Beishapo St. Beilin District, Xi'an.(near 2nd Ring Rd South East Section, Nanyang Hotel)

ADD.(地址):北沙坡路东段 兰蒂斯城东区 7号楼 8层 808(进小区门20米右拐,走到头右侧 7 号楼门进入,出 8 层电梯左侧 808 号)

(Our shop is inside the residential complex on one of the blocks at upper levels. After entering the residential complex main entrance, walk straight for 20 meters, then turn right to block 7 on the right-hand side. Take the elevator to floor 8, room 808 is on the left side of elevator.Or you can give us a ring on 13363907869 at the entrance of residential complex, We will go down to fetch you.)

地 铁:地铁 3 号线,延兴门(沙坡)站,A出口,由A出口出站前行10米(世纪大厦)左拐,前行100米至“兰蒂斯城”(兰蒂斯城东区),进入小区门20米右拐,走到头右侧7号楼门进入,出 8 层电梯左侧 808 号。1号线请于“通化门”站换乘3号线往鱼化寨方向,2号线请于“小寨”站换乘3号线往保税区方向,4号线请于“大雁塔”站换乘3号线往保税区方向。


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